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openCanvas 1.1b72       http://www.portalgraphics.net/en/

(Already in english by his author, but i have fixed some errors in the translation.)

OpenCanvas 1.1 is a free japanese software drawing, you have the possibility of drawing with as if you had real brushes, he manages layers and it allows recording format WPE every stage of your drawing from the beginning until the end, each brush stroke is recorded and same mistakes, this function is very useful to review his drawing,you can distribute your WPE file or load WPE files of others users to study their techniques.

Another major feature that is useful and that his big brother OpenCanvas 4 don't have, is the network function that allows you to draw with yours friends on the same drawing by defining the host and guests with their IP, as a game.

Best use with a graphic tablet.

Download : OpenCanvas 1.1b72 EN--Update:08/08/2009

Download : OC1_wpe_event_pack.zip

Download : Viewer *.wpe files

Making of Dommarcux by Supervlieg : http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=90981

"White way" Drawing by ういち ( Hirano )

Here a link of the offical website where you can download some WPE files for OpenCanvas 1.1 to study them:

(This list is sorted by the most recent date contribution, select your favorite image, to download the wpe file just press the blue button at right,

and now you can load the wpe file in OpenCanvas from the menu "File==> Import event file" and see the drawing take life.)

List of contribution drawings sorted by contribution date.(The most recent contribution date at the most old.)

and two others links of WPE files: