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NekoViewer 1.33       http://homepage1.nifty.com/kaneko/nkview.htm

NekoViewer is a little japanese program that open the ROK files created with the modeler Hexagreat 3D, you can apply some effects on them: Toon effect, manga shading, smoothing polygons, shadow cast, depth of field, motion blur, anti- aliasing.

NekoViewer can import *.ROK(Hexagreat) and *.DXF files, and can only export in *.DXF file.

Download : NekoViewer 1.33 EN

Some renders under NekoViewer with a 3D model made with Hexagreat 3D. ( screenshots taken with anti-aliasing activated under NekoViewer )

3D Model created by Moko