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Information about EasyToon

What is Easytoon you ask yourself? Well, it is simply a program that can create small animated gif friendly, a simple sequence of images giving the illusion of movement. It sounds simple written like that but it is quite complicated to implement, finally brief.

Easytoon was created at the basis by Keijiro Takahashi from Radium Software in its version 1.0 in 1998, and as you would expect by the name of that person, the program was only in Japanese. The latter, having somehow giving up the development of future versions of its software, has made available the source code of its program for free download.

This is only three years later in 2001 that were seeing a new version of easytoon passing in version 1.9.1 but to our great displeasure always included in the language of the rising sun. It's to the Setagaya Branch that we owe this release which added many functions such as the mask, rotating selection.

We jumped another two years to find ourselves in 2003 and facing the arrival of the same version of Easytoon namely 1.9.1 but this time, fully translated in the language of Shakespeare by two people who I presume are Do-Jin Nyuu and Arthur Lee (Podunkian). Apart from the fact that everything is translated into English, some features present but not activated have been unlocked.

And that is where all started ...

Towards the end of 2003 we have fallen by chance on version 1.9.1 of Setagaya and its source code, and had found the software so easy to use and fun that we decided to translate it completely in french and later to add other functions. We have therefore begun translating Easytoon from the English version regarding the interface of menus and have enriched a bit some of its sides from the japanese sources as we could not get our hands on those in English.

In early 2004 a complete translation of the software had been completed but we were unable to spread it having no website at our disposal and few people interested. We therefore put the improvment of EasyToon in stand by for some time until 2005 where we fell on some forums that were making competitions animations on the software which allowed us to publicize the French version of Easytoon. We have therefore created a stripped site to allow to download it and are now arrived at the version 1.9.9 of this little program. If you want more info on changes since click here.
That's the story :)