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( Already in english by his author ( not the 2.15 version ) but good combo with some plugins i have translated )

D-Pixed is a painting program to make image with only 256 colors, to make pixel art image and animation, cool tools are included and the function layers.

D-pixed is already translated in english by the original author but i have make this setup to include some plugins that i have translated in english. ( I have translated the 2.15 version in english that support save and load in gif format )

Download : D-Pixed 2.17 + the plugins "Dithering Tones","Export AVI", "Mirror Effect" and "Contour enhanced" translated in english.

Download : D-Pixed 2.15 Gif Edition + the plugins "Dithering Tones","Export AVI", "Mirror Effect" and "Contour enhanced" translated in english.

c'est une image de la version 2.17



Explanations about menus and tools of D-Pixed.

Menu Bar

Available Menus in D-Pixed.

Tools Bar

The Tools Bar show the general used functions. ( ex: open, save etc...)


Function Description Shortcuts
New image (Ctrl+N)
Open image (Ctrl+O)
Save image (Ctrl+S)
Undo  ( 1 undo ) (Ctrl+Z)
Copy (Ctrl+C)
Cut (Ctrl+X)
Paste (Ctrl+V)
Function Description
Show/Hide Palette window
Show/Hide Pen shapes window
Show/Hide Zoom window
Show/Hide Layers window
Show/Hide Scrap book window
Show/Hide Global view window
Show/Hide Preview animation window

Tools Menu

Menu Description Shortcuts
Change Image or Mask
Zoom Percentage (Ctrl+  +, -)
Layer Selection
Mask On/Off (Ctrl+M)
Transparency On/Off (Ctrl+T)
All Layers
Grid On/Off
Snap Grid On/Off

Icon Function Description
Zoom Tool Left-click to zoom-in, Right-click to zoom-out.
Hand Drag Tool Drag to scroll the image.
Selection Rectangle Select Rectangle and move or copy.
Pen Tool Draw only a line with a thickness of 1 pixel. × × ×
Pen Tool2 Draw a line with one of Pens of the Pen Shapes window.
Fill Region Tool Fill a area in the image with color.
Copy pixel layer Tool Copy pixels from lower layer.
Exchange Color Tool Exchange color, left color to right.
Text tool Insert Text in the image.
Soften Tool Soften colors of the image.
Darken Tool Darken a area of the image.
Lighten Tool Lighten a area of the image.
Available Plug-ins
Dithering Tones Tool To create linear or radial dithering between two colors. ×
Drawing Mode
Draw freely Draw freely with the mouse.
Line Draw straight line, Maintain the key "Shift" to draw straight line every of 90 degrees.
Rectangle Draw rectangle , Maintain the key "Shift" to draw perfect square.
Ellipse Draw ellipse, Maintain the key "Shift" to draw perfect circle.
Filled Rectangle Draw filled rectangle, Maintain the key "Shift" to draw perfect square.
Filled Ellipse Draw filled ellipse, Maintain the key "Shift" to draw perfect circle.

2.17 There is no adding in
The Plug-ins come after the shape tool.
Icon Function Description
Grid Tool To create a grid on the image, see the pop-up window to setup the grid.
Draw Frame Tool To create frames with polygon, double-click to finish the frame or polygon.
Shape Tool To create shapes, see the pop-up window to setup the shape.
Drawing mode
Polyline To create continuous line, double-click to finish the polyline.
Line + Draw freely To create a line in first, Maintain the left-click to draw freely.
Draw freely discontinued Draw freely with spaces in the line.
Ray mode Draw lines that starting by a point.
Paralell Lines To create lines with the same angle, Maintain the key "Shift" to draw lines every of 45 degrees.
Curved Line To create curved line between two points, angle of the curve with the mouse.

Pen Shape Window

Nib window

This window show the different shapes and thickness of the pen, line etc...

You can create your own shapes just by double-click on one of the shapes and modify her and Right-click on the blue bar of the pen shapes window to pop-up a menu to save or load shapes.

Colors Palette Window


The Color Palette can be cal by this icon she is limited at 256 colors but she can imitate more colors by using some dithering tones between the colors.

L: Left Color. ( surrounded by a red rectangle )
R : Right Color. ( surrounded by a blue rectangle )
Tr: Transparent Color. ( surrounded by a dotted line )
BG : Background Color. ( color by default when starting new image )

Commands to use the Colors Palette:

LEFT-CLICK : Left color selected.

RIGHT-CLICK : right color selected.

Ctrl + RIGHT-CLICK : Assign color for the Transparency.

Shift + RIGHT-CLICK : Assign color for the Background.

DOUBLE LEFT-CLICK : to see the Change color window.

Ctrl + LEFT-CLICK : Copy and drag a color.

Shift + LEFT-CLICK : Exchange color with another color.

RGB Colors Values Colors Obtains Organization of the Palette ( Index )
RGB value is remembered in the respective dot. Graphics file of object. It makes CG of the dot of the 3×3. With D-Pixed pallet call number just is remembered.
Code RGB ( Red, Green, Blue ) to give some colors of the follow image. Result of the code RGB to see the colors. These numbers show the order of the Colors in the palette, organized by D-Pixed in internal. They don't appear.



Change color window

Color modification dialogue (2.09)

This window give a total control of the choice of colors for the palette, the colors can be changed with the sliders, enter a code value or by right-click on the image like the eye dropper tool. This window appear when there is double-click on a color in the Color Palette Window.

The button "Gradation" is to make dithering between two colors,  the left color by the left-click and right color by the right-click in the Color Palette Window and the box where you can enter a number between 0 at 255 to move in the index of the Color Palette.

Three colors modes can be selectionned, RGB red,green,blue, HSV high,saturation,value and YMC yellow,magenta, cyan.

The sliders and the value code are to change the colors in these modes of colors.

The button "Update" validate all changes do on the colors and to see the result directly in the color Palette window if the box "Sync" is checked. Sync for syncronization.

Dithering tones window plugin

* Layers Window. (under construction )

* Status Bar. ( under construction )